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Beauty cannot be defined because every one is beautiful in their own way. But there is a uniqueness in everyone. In Varshaa’s world, we work on enhancing your beauty and making the unique you. Because we firmly believe that beauty fuels confidence.

We aim to provide you the care and nurture your skin and hair demands. Our goal is to provide you that desirable look, that you had been yearning for. We have a fix for all your needs that is customized according to your requirements.

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Our Training



Make-up is an enticing art. The tutorials online may make you think that you can do it yourself, but does it render you the perfect look? No, because there is a step by step guide to understand the type of skin, the structure of face, the meaning of make-up, etc. Our training school aims at achieving this goal of teaching you the perfect art of make-up of all types.



Apart from our training school, we also provide a brief workshop for the makeup and hairstyling course. In this, the basic and the outline of these courses are taught. This workshop is channelled towards the learning of this skill in a short amount of time. The people who are passionate about learning the finesse of beauty tricks and tips can join this short workshop. This versatile workshop is made interesting with tutoring in Indian as well as western make-up and hairstyles.


Hair style

It is really important in order to have a perfect hairstyle for a perfect look. And more important here is to understand what a customer wants. It all is taught at our hairstyling workshops along with the knowledge of hair, hairstyle, combing, brushing, etc.


Saree drapping

Though it is our culture, but somewhere between jeans and skirts we have forgotten the art of saree draping. While some do not have time to do it, some are not aware of the effortlessness saree draping takes. We have session for all the types of saree draping from all cultures.